“improving society through passionate engineering”

Vansant & Gusler, Inc.


Founded in 1960, we offer comprehensive design services in mechanical and electrical engineering. These services include specifications,  plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, power distribution and communications systems for federal, state and local governments, and private commercial and industrial clients.

Our mission is to facilitate development of our partners’ built environment through engineering analysis and design of plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems as guided by our percipience of our partners’ goals, needs and expectations.

Our Skill Set

Comprehensive design services, production of quality plans and specifications  using the most current AutoCAD or BIM and plotted in-house. Design calculations and specifications using powerful industry standard software from Trane, Carrier, SPECSINTACT SGML and the Masterspec System by AVITRU

Partner With Us

Let’s work together! Our range of completed projects includes boiler plants, chiller plants, electrical power and port facilities, emergency power systems, hospitals, libraries, schools, dormitories, barracks, airport facilities, high rise office towers, historic sites, cultural centers and communications facilities.

Work For Us

Jon our team! Our professional staff represents several centuries of accumulated experience. Our commitment to our professional and technical employees is our policy to build a strong and experienced staff and to retain their valuable skills through the inevitable highs and lows of the business cycle.

“A quality set of construction documents is only the first step of a successful project. Our firm has always emphasized the importance of construction period services. All of our professional staff as well as our affiliates have extensive field experience, and most conflicts discovered during construction can be resolved with minimal impact if promptly addressed.”

featured  Projects

federal & state projects

Building P-471 Seal Team Ops




Norfolk, Virginia

higher education projects

Eastern Shore VIMS Complex - College of William & Mary


Wachapreague, Virginia

manufacturing & industrial projects

Carter Machinery




Newport News, Virginia

Commercial building projects

Doubletree Lobby




Norfolk, Virginia

healthcare projects


Riverside Regional Varian Edge



Norfolk, Virginia

historic & cultural arts projects

Trinity Episcopal Church


Circa 1762

Portsmouth, Virginia

Federal & State Projects

higher education projects

Manufacturing & Industrial Projects

Commercial Building Projects

Healthcare Projects

Historic/Cultural Arts Projects

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