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Caterpillar Facility

Carter Machinery Company is an agent for Caterpillar heavy equipment.  This project was a new construction facility, located in James City County, Virginia to be used for sales, rental, the maintenance/servicing of equipment, and for the training of personnel.

Location:  James City County, VA 

Owner:     Mid-Eastern Builders

 Type:        New Construction

Budget:     $6,700,00

Caterpillar Facility Carter Machinery

Project Info Continued ….

Completed in 2008, the main facility is a single story 41,871 s.q.f.t. building which consists of  sales/rental/showroom area, service/training offices, superbays for vehicle maintenance, and parts storage.

Sales/rental/showroom and service/training office areas are served by a 30 ton DX packaged VAV rooftop unit and series fan-powered VAV boxes with electric re-heat. Parts storage area is heat only conditioned by gas-fired unit heaters.  Superbay area is also heat only conditioned by gas-fired unit heaters and infra-red gas heaters located at the perimeter roll-up doors.  Wall mounted exhaust fans and roof mounted penthouse louvers used to maintain proper ventilation.

A separate building contains the equipment used for washing and steam cleaning.

The site development included two self contained oil/water separator systems and utilities to accommodate the facility requirements on sewer, water, natural gas, power, communications and fire protection. Also included was design for site lighting.

Plumbing domestic water and sanitary sewer sizing and layout for the locker room/restroom facilities, lunchroom sinks, mop basins as required per building code was completed including eyewash stations at superbays.

Fire separation wall was provided between areas for one hour protection as required by James City County. Building, battery/lube storage and loading dock uses a wet pipe sprinkler system throughout.

Electrical design included all the power feeds for mechanical systems, exterior power pack fixtures, 1000 watt metal halide fixtures in superbays, lay-in fixtures in lunch/locker areas.


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