great wolf lodge resorts

Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge in Willamsburg is an indoor water park resort hotel featuring a full-service spa, a complimentary water park, 5 indoor swimming pools, and 2 spa tubs. Vansant & Gusler completed a pool retrofit project at the lodge.

Location:  Williamsburg, VA 

Owner:     Great Wolf Lodge Resorts

 Type:        Design

Budget:     $71,400

Great Wolf Lodge

Project Info Continued ….

The projects consists of removal of (2) gas fired pool make up air units and installation of (2) pool dehumidification units (DX cooling and gas heating). The intent is to utilize the existing ductwork to the greatest extent feasible. The design for supply air to the space was based on ASHRAE’s recommended 4‐6 air changes per hour.

De-humidification calculations included pool water surface area, water slide dimensions, areas that get wet from buckets dropping water, and in this application, areas that may stay wet constantly as observed by the facility people, wave/surfer water area, and anything else with water that will be evaporating and adding to the moisture load. By sizing the cooling coil to handle the dehumidification load, it is typically enough to handle the summer time sensible air conditioning load due to skin losses from the building structure.

The space temperature was recommended at 1‐2F above the water temperature helping with the comfort of the swimmers getting out of the water. Interesting enough, the evaporation loads usually stay relatively the same, when the space temperature tracks the water temperature. Summer/Winter design conditions used for outside air, ASHRAE 1%, 2% etc.

Electrical design is limited to modifications to the existing electrical service equipment. Design for new building electrical service or new electrical service equipment is not included. Lighting design is not included. Structural design is not included. Fire alarm and security systems design are not included.

We felt we offered the owner a very resilient system that is reliable, efficient and at an excellent life cycle cost.

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